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Gingerbread hugs and fond wishes to all our friends and acquaintances, single or paired.  May we all be lucky in love this year!

valentines cookies 2This year’s batch of cookies is brought to you courtesy of Cook’s Illustrated’s The New Best Recipe (“Thin, Crisp Gingerbread Cookies”).  I also used a tried-and-true royal icing recipe from Julia Usher’s Cookie Swap. (Another terrific source for old-fashioned, charming decorated cookies is Nancy Baggett’s Simply Sensational Cookies.)

I decided to just go for top-coating and marbling this year – you use icing with the same consistency for both.  As always, the marbling effects work best when the icing’s fresh, and as always, drawing little hearts in the icing never works as well as expected.  Still, there are few things I like better than dragging a toothpick through stripes and spirals and dots of wet icing.  Feels like a trip, but it’s all good clean fun…

Also in the plan were piping (firmer icing) and beadwork (looser icing), but after waking up after last night’s décor marathon with a sugar headache and chills, I decided that dragées and luster dust would have to suffice.  Till next year anyway!


Judging from the amount of traffic crossing this site in search of last year’s Valentine cookie post, it’s a question of no small importance.

I’m happy to say that Signs Point to Yes!


Risking R’s wrath by clearing a space free of kitchen-renovation tools, I’ve gathered up my supplies.  I’ve got gingerbread cookies!  I’ve got luster dust!  I’ve got egg whites defrosting!  I’ve got Chefmaster Liqua-Gel!

Now all I have to do is hurry up and get dinner started so I won’t have to be working on it when it’s cookie time.

Stay tuned….pix tomorrow if all goes well.

Now cooking

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