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Can Fuchsia Dunlop do it again?

Land of Plenty and Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook got us used to a certain level of well-glossed, well-described, more-authentic-than-average style of regional Chinese cookbook.

Every Grain of Rice isn’t a regional cookbook.  It’s an 200+-recipe overview of everyday Chinese cooking, bidding for a place on the weeknight rotation.  Does it succeed?

Click here to read today’s review of Every Grain of Rice  in the Boston Globe.  (Hit the paywall?  Use this PDF link.)

Happy Chinese New Year!  The Boston Globe’s food section this week has a number of fun features for our favorite noise-making, confetti-strewn, street-fair holiday.  I was called on at the last minute for a Chinese cookbook review, which I was happy to attempt even though I have bemoaned the recent scarcity of Chinese cookbooks.  We scrambled to find a book and found Ching’s Everyday Easy Chinese, which features British-based Cooking Channel star Ching-He Huang.

Although the book could be more forthcoming in its particulars, for the most part I was happily surprised.  These are easy-to-like, simple-to-prepare dishes that seek to entertain more than educate.  It’s not necessarily a must-have for your overflowing cookbook shelves, but overall I’d consider it a good value.

Read the full review here.

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