Just launched! the first ever  cookbook-rating app:

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Brought to you by one of America’s best-known cookbook reviewers, CookShelf is the first cookbook-rating app ever.  Just in time to help you with your Mother’s Day gift-giving!

With up-to-the-minute reviews and ratings of new titles (as well as some classics from the backlist), CookShelf revolutionizes the hunt for new cookbooks.  Whether you’re looking for the latest seasonal farmstand cookbook for yourself or the perfect gift for someone you love, it’s not easy sorting through the thousands of cookbooks published every year and finding the one you want.  Will you use it forever or toss it next spring? Are those recipes really new?  Do they even work?

Nationally known and trusted cookbook reviewer T. Susan Chang has the answers!  Expanded and updated weekly, CookShelf slices and dices through the mountain of new cookbooks with a 4-criteria rating system:

  • Skill (1-5) – Find the right level for you: quick, easy get-it-on-the-table recipes or all-day projects for the food creative in your life.
  • Newness (1-5) – Rehash or revolutionary? Find the recipes you can’t just look up online.
  • Giftworthiness (1-5) – Will it charm, enlighten, and entertain?  practicality + elegant design = giftworthiness
  • “Keeper” (1-5) – Will you give it to your children? Will you read it like a novel? Is it a gift that will keep on giving?

For just $2.99 – a tiny fraction of the cost of a typical cookbook – CookShelf helps you find the right cookbooks for you and the best cookbooks for those you love.

Additional features:

  • Capsule reviews and ratings for 200+ new and classic cookbooks
  • Full-length, recipe-tested reviews for a selection of the newest cookbooks as they are released
  • Analysis of recipe speed, page design, and other factors affecting usability
  • Sorting by skill level.
  • Powerful filters to help you find the exact cookbooks you need: e.g.,slow-cooker books, quick and easy weeknight cookbooks, gluten-free books, family-friendly cookbooks
  • Links to full recipe listings and online sample recipes.
  • Buy links to Amazon and independent booksellers

CookShelf   iPhone/iPad/Android app: $2.99, available now on iTunes

[Android details  to come soon]

Hear a podcast interview with T. Susan Chang about CookShelf
(aired on local station 93.9 WRSI !)

About T. Susan Chang
T. Susan Chang’s cookbook reviews can be found in the Boston Globe food section, at NPR, and at Eat Your Books.  For over 10 years, her recipe-tested, fair-minded critiques have helped readers discover the best new recipes for themselves and the cooks they love.  Find out more at her blog, Cookbooks for Dinner.

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