A Spoonful of Promises: Recipes & Stories from a Well-Tempered Table (pub.  Nov. 2011, Globe Pequot/Lyons Press)

A Spoonful of Promises is a collection of  food stories, gathered over a lifetime of chowhounding with friends, with family, and solo.  (NPR online readers will recognize some stories from the Kitchen Window series).  In each, I explore the intimate connections between food and those who share it, between the mouthwatering past and its untasted future.

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Praise for A Spoonful of Promises:

“My pick for best cookbook of 2011.  A beautiful and heartfelt collection of stories about food and love written by a tender and talented writer. I read the book in one night. Regretted that it ended. And then I read it again. I keep it by my bedside to read a story each night…Buy this book for yourself, for your friends and your family: it is all about the ties that bind.” –Monica Bhide, A Life of Spice (full review here)

“I guarantee that Chang’s memoir will touch your heart, make you laugh out loud, and bring forth many of your own memories as well—ones I bet you didn’t even know centered around food.”  –Emily Geaman at HCPdishes  (full review here)

“With charm, style, wit, and really great writing, Chang takes us into her world, sharing stories of the foods she loves (some totally and happily beyond reason) and the recipes she treasures, and with each story we think a little more about ourselves, our families, and the food that nourishes us in every way. If you haven’t read Chang before, you’ll be captivated; if you have, you’ll be delighted to have so many of her stories in one place—next to your most comfortable armchair.” ~Dorie Greenspan, author of Around My French Table

“Be prepared to lose yourself in A Spoonful of Promises. Poetic, poignant, and addictive, Chang’s essays are a delicious reminder of how cooking comforts and connects us, and ultimately provides some of our most treasured memories. This is a classic destined to be an essential book for every food lover.” ~Grace Young, author of Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge and The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen

“Susan Chang takes readers on an eclectic voyage through her culinary memory, from childhood recollections (and recipes) of wonton soup to savory chard tart. And a story about Ring Dings eaten with popcorn? I’m there! It’s a beautifully told, evocative book to savor.” ~Melissa Clark, author of Cook This Now