When I’m not writing about food or cooking food, I’m usually growing food (at least during the short growing season we have in New England).  Here you can see our family’s raised beds combined with drip irrigation.  It’s the ultimate solution for a garden built on weedy, rocky soil, overseen by a gardener who lacks a gift for proper daily maintenance.

Garden recess at Leverett Elementary

From 2004 to 2006, I was lucky enough to hold a life-changing Food & Society Policy Fellowship.  Among other things, several parents and I started small vegetable garden at our children’s elementary school.  Since that time, the local food movement at the school has gotten stronger every year.

This year we celebrated a huge milestone–the construction of a 36′ greenhouse at the school.  With 11 raised beds (1 for each class and a few extra), passive solar Gothic arch construction, and drip irrigation, it’s a priceless learning opportunity for the kids of our town, as well as college student, parent, and community volunteers.

Greenhouse coverage: