I’m a sucker for regional cookbooks (see regional Chinese cookbook review from 2 weeks ago).  I love learning about the nuances of a country’s many rich subcuisines – who eats bread, who eats rice; who grazes cattle and eats dairy, who doesn’t mind pork.  I feel like I’m getting some value, as if I’m going to a seminar or at least a weekend workshop to learn something a little more lasting than usual.

But ultimately,  it comes down to the recipes.  It’s often the case that international buy-ins are hard to use, as cookbooks.  The conversions hold endless possibility for typos and in a book of some 300 recipes, how likely is it that the Americanized versions were all tested?  So there are some snafu’s.  But the exhaustive step-by-step photos help, and more often than not the flavors hit it out of the park.

Click here to read today’s review of ‘The Complete Indian Regional Cookbook’ in the Boston Globe.   Hit the paywall?  Click here for the PDF version

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