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The time has come!  My top 10 picks for the best cookbooks of2013 have been released, on CookShelf, the cookbook-ratings app!  on sale for one week starting today for just 99¢!

If you’re starting your holiday shopping this week – and who isn’t? –   CookShelf, will guide to not only my top 10 picks for 2013, but over 250+ other great cookbooks worth getting or giving, along with analysis that looks at skill requirements, recipe listings, and design.   And in-app purchase links make it easy to do all your cookbook shopping with one click.

Who needs CookShelf?  You do!

I need CookShelf for iPhone/iPad!

I need CookShelf for Android!

Next week here on the blog: the honorable mentions list – a long one! Click here for last year’s honorable mentions shortlist.