Exciting news! This year, I will be releasing my choices for the top 10 cookbooks of 2013 on my app, CookShelf! It’s happening this Friday, Nov. 29th – the day after Thanksgiving.  

You know you don’t want to get squashed in the Black Friday crowds.  You know you want to rest your poor, turkey-stuffed self in the comfiest chair in the house and start ordering gifts  for your cookbook-loving friends and family online.

On CookShelf, you’ll find not only my top 10 picks for 2013, but over 250+ other great cookbooks worth getting or giving, along with analysis that looks at skill requirements, recipe listings, and design – everything you need to decide that all-important question: which cookbook to buy.  And in-app purchase links make it easy to do all your cookbook shopping with one click.

Who needs CookShelf?  You do!

I need CookShelf for iPhone/iPad!

I need CookShelf for Android!