CookShelf for iPhone/iPadWhen people find out what I do for a job, the most common question they ask is “So what are your favorite cookbooks?”   I usually stutter a bit and then pull up the name of something I’ve tested in the last few months that’s better than average.

But the REAL answer, I know, is easy – just hard to remember.  My favorite cookbooks are the books on The Shelf.  I like to keep my top 50 or so books close to the Kitchen, so they go on The Shelf.  The others all go upstairs to the Library.  Occasionally, a book in the Library will make me go up and downstairs so many times that it graduates to the Shelf.

And now, ta-DA!  you can see my Shelf cookbooks – the cookbooks I’ve lived with, tested repeatedly, and learned to love – on CookShelf!  It’s easy.  If you have CookShelf already, be sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version and refreshed it.  Then, just tap the all-important menu button in the upper-left corner, and you’ll see “*T. Susan’s Kitchen Shelf” right on the list.

If you love cookbooks, and you haven’t downloaded CookShelf, why, what on earth’s stopping you?

I want CookShelf for iPhone/iPad now!

I want CookShelf for Android now!