Those of you who use and love CookShelf, my app for cookbook lovers, may have noticed there was something of an August lull.  You see, in August, cookbook publishers take a bit of a break, holding their most noteworthy titles for high season in fall.   As goes publishing, so goes CookShelf!

cookshelf fall

So over the break I added only a few new titles I felt were worth remarking on, and did not refresh the app until I had more to offer.

But now September’s here, and I’m kicking off the school year with a bang!  When you accept the CookShelf update next time you open the app, you’ll see a big new feature on school lunch cookbooks, with three brand-new titles going head-to-head.  It’s the first news on the school lunch front, cookbook-wise, in a *decade*!  Parents, rejoice!

And even as we speak, the fall cookbooks are starting to roll in…and there are some DOOZIES. I’ll be picking out the best of them and serving them up to you each Wednesday – so keep checking out your CookShelf for the latest!


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