Because of a craving for butterscotch two weeks ago, today I found myself hunting down discarded paper towel tubes (known in our household, and many others, as ” doot-doots,” for the sound they make when you use them as impromptu trumpets).  I was making butterscotch brown-sugar slice-and-bakes, out of my friend Nancy Baggett‘s Simply Sensational Cookies, which is itself a simply sensational book.  And suddenly I came across Nancy’s brilliant tip for keeping slice-and-bake cookies round: freeze them in old doot-doots (slit lengthwise up the side for ease of access).

paper towel tubesThe problem was that there weren’t any doot-doots, because cardboard and paper recycling is perhaps the one household chore at which I really excel.    I stood in the kitchen, scratching my head.  And then I remembered!  I had received two decorated doot-doots – a matching Mama-and-Papa pair, no less, from my 6-year-old on Mother’s Day.  They were part of a princely hoard of gifts – mostly hand-made by herself – and I had found myself unable to part with them on dump day.  (My attitude toward cardboard waste may be Stalinesque, but my attitude towards kids’ craft projects is sentimental bordering on insane.)

They were pressed into service without delay, and even now there they lie in the freezer, protecting my perfectly-round butterscotch cookie dough logs and cooling their cardboard heels for 45 minutes, just as Nancy says.   As for the 6-year-old, it’s her bedtime.  But I’ll be setting aside two cookies for her – at least – tomorrow.