The Yogurt Cookbook is one of those great-sounding ideas you can’t believe hasn’t been done before.  In fact, it has – this book is a re-issue (newly photographed and designed).  It’s a far-ranging book, trotting across Central Asia and Europe, and there are a lot of good ideas.  Is it a keeper?  Read on to find out.

Also, my 12-year-old son has a very in-character cameo appearance in this week’s story.  

Click here to read today’s review of The Yogurt Cookbook in the Boston Globe.  (Hit the paywall?  Use this PDF link.)

On  CookShelf, the cookbook-rating app this week, I’ve got a story on husband-and-wife cookbooks, as well as many more data points and analysis of The Yogurt Cookbook and all the latest cookbooks.  Treat yourself to a copy of the app that’s a zine for cookbook fanatics!  It’s available for both  iPhone/iPad and Android device and updated  every Wednesday .