With all the hubbub of summer roundup, I didn’t get round to posting my last Boston Globe review, which is of Deborah Madison’s magnum opus.  It’s a formidable book, and arranged intelligently, by plant family.  Doesn’t that make sense?  Onions cook alike,  and so do brassicas, just for a start.

And just in time for the farmstand / farmers’ market / CSA season, too!

Meanwhile, of course you’re wondering: has “Vegetable Literacy” been loaded onto CookShelf, the cookbook-rating app?  Can I read your reviews on my iPhone/iPad or Android device? Why yes, it has!  And yes, you can!  This Wednesday and just about every Wednesday, CookShelf gets updated with new material, so be sure to accept all updates when they are offered to get the latest cookbook news.

Click here to read my review of Vegetable Literacy in the Boston Globe.  (Hit the paywall?  Use this PDF link.)