splash screen demoIt’s Wednesday, which means that new titles have been added to CookShelf!  If you click on “Just added!” in the main menu, you can see which cookbooks caught my eye this week – and how they did in the ratings.

In addition to the new titles, CookShelf has two brand-new filters.  You’ll find them right at the top in the menu:

Great for new graduates!  Cookbooks make a terrific gift for those just heading out on their own.  But which ones will really help?  CookShelf has a list of almost two dozen grad-friendly cookbooks to choose from – check it out.

2013 Beard Award winners:  The “Oscars of the food world” were announced last week, and many of the cookbooks honored can be found on CookShelf.  (That doesn’t mean I agreed with every one of the awards. )  Read my reviews of 2013’s Beard winners – and decide for yourself whether you should add them to your collection!

To see these features, make sure you have the latest version (the App Store will prompt you if you have the old one) and say Yes! when CookShelf offers you “updated content”.  If you’re downloading for the first time, everything will be right there waiting for you.

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