Flowers are nice. Perfume is nice. But rhubarb-ginger fool is even better.
(Even if you had to make it yourself.)


Actually, it’s not called “Mom’s Secret Stash” – that’s just what I call it.   The story has a more NPR-appropriate title: “Try a Do-It-Yourself Mothers’ Day” .  The idea here is that sometimes the best person to come up with a delicious treat for Mom on her special day is…Mom.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t accept, enjoy, and appreciate the pancakes in bed, the crayon cards, the champagne at brunch – if you are so lucky as to get those.  I’m just pointing out that there’s no harm in doing a little bit of the spoiling yourself.

By the way, some of your loved ones will want to get you a cookbook for Mother’s Day.  So as to avoid getting stuck with some random grilling book you hate, direct them to CookShelf, the cookbook-rating app,  now available for iPhone/iPad or Android devices.  On it, you can read about many of the recipes and cookbooks featured in this story, including this incredible matzo candy from Susan Feniger’s Street Food.

Read Try a Do-It-Yourself Mothers’ Day at NPR’s Kitchen Window here.