It’s 11 days till Mother’s Day, which means you still have time to order and ship a cookbook to give someone special.  Need some recommendations?  Sure you do!  You’ll find them on CookShelf, my new cookbook-rating app.   Download it here!

When you’ve got it, click on the upper left corner menu and scroll down to “Mother’s Day gifts!”  Voilà! a whole list of charming, whimsical, great-value books that will endear you even more to the person who already loves you best.  (for more about Mother’s Day, check out my post on Eat Your Books.)

splash screen demo for press release

Somehow, in all the excitement of the “Surprise! Apple’s approved your app!” launch of CookShelf last Friday,  I never quite round to doing a formal announcement here on the website.

So… CookShelf, my cookbook-rating app (and the project which took over my life for the last 2.5 months), is now available for iPhone and iPad for a mere piffling $2.99.  And Android users?  Never fear!  CookShelf will be coming to you next week.