Maybe every year or so, a book that’s genuinely good for beginners pops up.  I’m always on the lookout for them, remembering my own inglorious initiation as a cook with my roommate’s copy of 365 Ways to Cook Pasta.  (Things got better once I discovered The Silver Palate Cookbook.)

Anyways, the best I could come up with last year, if memory serves, was a really good baking book, The Fearless Baker (here’s the review).

But along comes Keys to the Kitchen, and it’s really quite good.  I’m not really sure that people will sit and read through the equipment section to make sure they have the right combination of pots and pans, although I certainly would have.  But the recipes are flavorful, well-constructed, reliable, and make none of the compromises many “easy” recipes make in the interests of a shorter ingredient list or not scaring people.  Don’t be nervous if the recipe looks a little long, folks! It’s just good explanation, and you’ll be glad it was there when you sit down to your perfectly executed dinner.

Click here to read today’s review of Keys to the Kitchen  in the Boston Globe.  (Hit the paywall?  Use this PDF link.)