whole foods, natural foods, sara forte, hugh forteA few years back I made a comment on NPR that got me in hot water (maybe not my first time!) – something about not liking most blog cookbooks.  I thought they were derivative and un-thoughtful, and in some cases this was true.

Well, color me reformed!  Every year since I’ve found a couple of blog books to love.   Everything that’s great about a food blog – the passion, the great photography, the forthright attitude of the cook – can shine in a blog book, especially when the author’s taken the trouble to come up with a whole slew of new recipes not found on the blog.

The Sprouted Kitchen recipes (though not so much the feel of the book) strongly remind me of Heidi Swanson’s approach:  mostly vegetarian, but not strict.  Emphasis on nuts and textures.  Reliance on some favorite ingredient combinations (not the same as Swanson’s faves).  Refreshing willingness to do things differently.  A find!

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