ameraucana eggs, silver laced wyandotte eggs, barred rock eggs

I didn’t catch them at it, but this morning there were two beautiful palest blue eggs in the coop.  They could only have been laid by Feather and Spalty, even though only Feather has shown all the signs of maturity.

One of the girls was apparently taken by surprise and didn’t quite make it to the nest box.  Nevertheless, both eggs were delivered safely, and without apparent drama.


One Patch, on the other hand, continues to raise high the roof beam with cries of  indignation for an hour every day before she lays.

Incidentally, the eggs are crazy delicious.

*since originally posting this, I’ve made a terminology change.  I’d thought my girls were “Araucanas” but they’re almost certainly not. They could be “Ameraucanas”–a white and “blue wheaten” perhaps. Or they could even be “Easter Eggers,” Araucanish mutts.  Regardless, the eggs are beautiful, and so are the birds.