I’ve already said much about Susie Middleton’s The Fresh and Green Table on NPR–it was a favorite in my summer roundup–but today’s paper has a more in-depth review which explains a bit better what I like so much about this book.

I noticed both in this book and the last one that Middleton never compromises on texture and flavor, even if it means taking one more little step or adding one last brightening ingredient.  As a result, a relatively high proportion of the testing recipes have turned out to be keepers.

They are also a good argument for the long-form recipe–I’ve always believed that it’s better to over-explain in recipes than leave room for doubt.  Even Middleton’s simpler recipes can be on the longer side, because she cares enough to explain exactly what you need to look for/smell for/taste for etc.  But that doesn’t mean they’re hard to pull off.

Click here to read today’s review of The Fresh and Green Table in the Boston Globe.