fava beans peas garlic scapes spinach kitchen garden

Who can not love a vegetable garden in June?  A hundred shades of living green begging you to touch, pick, taste.  Blue and celadon shadows of green under the leaves, lime and chartreuse on the sun-facing fruit.

I was making up my weekly grocery list yesterday when I suddenly realized: it’s the first week this year I don’t have to buy any produce!  The garden is its own produce aisle, no refrigeration necessary.  After I finish out my formal recipe-testing for the current cookbook, it’s time to ponder the delicious dilemma:  what can I make with spinach, peas, scapes, baby fava beans?

I’m not 100% sure yet, but maybe I’ll make some paneer for saag paneer.  The scapes will go into scape pesto.  The favas will be tenderly turned with mint and maybe some butter.  And the peas!  Well, the peas will likely never make it to the table.   They may not make it past Bed 16.  They’re simply too adorable, too perfect, too delectable just as they are.

turnip greens, kitchen gardenOn a day like this I can even lose my heart to  turnips, even though they are turnips.  (They’re only babies, smaller than a ping-pong ball, crowned and shaded with papery greens.)