Boston Globe cookbook reviewI’m a sucker for chicken romances, which are practically their own whole new genre of cookbook these days.

Jennifer Trainer Thompson’s has a good mix of story and information, but at first I didn’t think I’d find much new in it as a cookbook.  Yet it grew on me over the days of testing, until I finally realized that it was becoming one of the ones I liked best.

I’ve gotten two major additions to my regular cooking repertoire from it–scrambled eggs with Indian flavors (tomato, cilantro, cumin etc) and a classic egg salad–which is more than one gets from many cookbooks. It may not seem like much, but think for a moment about why you love your favorite cookbooks–it’s probably due to just a handful of recipes.

Meanwhile, in other household news, we’re getting our own first chicks tomorrow.  Wait up, bandwagon! the Chang-te Veldes are finally jumping on.

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