For once, the vernal equinox has arrived in New England acting like it really means it.  The robins and the spring peepers have started up, and the garlic has already ventured one bold inch out of hibernation.  That’s 25 days early, according to my gardening notes from last year.

This year, I decided to make like my serious gardening friends and start my seedlings under lights.  Randy rigged some fluorescent workshop fixtures for me and we hung them from wire shelving.  It’s amazing to see how stout and sturdy the seedlings turn out when they don’t have to crane toward a distant window…

I plant my seeds in eggshells (skewer-punched on the bottom for drainage); this was a tip sent by a reader when I published The Other Half of the Egg.  I like eggshell pots because (1) you can put them right in the soil, making for a very gentle transplant; (2) they hold just enough moisture, and add calcium as they break down later; and (3) they’re adorable.

Randy hates cracking them the hard way (gently, so you can pick one end of the shell off).  You have to rinse them and punch them and fill them.  I suppose we could just buy cell packs.  We could do things an easier way.  But what gardener does?

A happy spring to everyone!, and warm wishes for green growth in all your ventures, little and large.