The recipe:  Zucchini fritters with dill tzatziki

The book: The Kitchen Garden Cookbook, edited by Caroline Bretherton

The ingredients: zucchini, ricotta cheese, egg, flour, basil, parsley, dill, Greek yogurt

Why I tried it: Two words – zucchini season.  I had a handful of nicely-producing zucchini plants this season, and I wanted the kids to eat as much as possible.  I basically alternated between this recipe and a Chinese-style flash-fried zucchini slivers with smashed garlic.  Then, in the fall, I made zucchini bread.

Why I love it:  Well, it’s fried.  There’s no duplicating the crisp texture and can’t-stop-now flavor of a fried food.  Plus, the fast cooking preserves the lovely green color of the zucchini shreds.  Ricotta boosts the interior moisture, and a dollop of thick, dill-scented yogurt adds an unforgettably smooth dose of tartness.

Caveat:  In a fit of health-minded optimism one time, I tried to fry them in 1/4″ of oil instead of 1/2″.  No dice–not hot enough to cook through nice and fast; ironically, the fritters absorbed more oil despite there being less of it to go round.  You’ll just have to go for the full quotient and say your Hail Marys later.

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