1. Because you love to cook.
  2. Because you hate to cook and just like reading about other people doing it.
  3. Because it’s less fattening than chocolate.
  4. Because you have no idea what to get your grandma, who already owns every cookbook ever published.
  5. Because you have no idea what to get your brother-in-law, who already has every kitchen gadget known to man.
  6. Because you were wondering, What’s the statute of limitations for shoplifting mushrooms?
  7. Because the little girl on the cover is just so dang cute.
  8. Because you have already spent $8.53 on Amazon, and you need another $16.47 to get the Free Super Saver Shipping.
  9. Because you are one of my relatives, and you have already run out of your first 50 copies.
  10. Because you need a recipe for Ring Dings with popcorn.

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