The recipe: Cumin seed roasted cauliflower with salted yogurt, mint, and pomegranate seeds

The book: Cook this Now, by Melissa Clark

The ingredients: cauliflower, cumin seeds, yogurt, mint, pomegranate seeds

Why I tried it:  I’ve been a convert to roasted cauliflower for some years now, but usually I just cut it, oil it, salt it, and roast it.  I thought adding a few more ingredients–and such an interesting combination!–was worth a try.

Why I love it:  What I didn’t expect was that this eclectic marriage of different types of sweet (fruity and minty-cool) and salty (earthy-cuminy and dairy-smooth) would suddenly take on a life of its own in my mouth.   Is it a little more work than plain old roasted cauliflower?  Maybe just a bit–but come on, it’s only 5 ingredients!  Some of us have more than that in our morning Starbucks.
I’m not the only one who’s gone crazy over this recipe, by the way. My friend Jane from Eat Your Books is addicted too–one week she cooked it three times.