My son’s list of “No” foods isn’t as long as some, but it’s still longer than I wish it were: tomatoes, eggplant, avocado, most kinds of egg, and zucchini.  But as of this week, we might be able to cross that last one off the list, thanks to Zucchini Slivers with Garlic, which you can find in Fuchsia Dunlop’s Land of Plenty.   And just in time, because the zucchini’s just starting to riot in the garden.

Goodness knows I’ve made zucchini with garlic countless times.  But when it comes to zucchini and kids, texture really matters.  You can’t just slap it in a pan with some oil if you want to win over the under-12’s.  This recipe using several techniques–hand-cut slivers, pre-salting, blazing-hot pan, high-smoking-point oil, finely minced garlic–to drive away the moisture that makes zucchini flabby when cooked.  The garlic doesn’t even burn, if you’re quick about it.