I plant radishes promiscuously in my garden.  I plant them with the lettuce because that puts my salad all in the same place.  I plant them with chervil because someone said they’re good companion plants.  I plant them around the squash to keep the beetles off (supposedly the bugs don’t like the smell). I plant some to grow big and set seed. In other words, when in doubt, radish.

The problem is, I sometimes lose track of my radishes.  I have 16 beds, and it’s easy to see what’s growing in them in April–nothing.  In July, it’s a different story.   It’s a circus in there.   And it’s no use looking in my garden database worksheet (yes, yes, I’m a nerd) because I don’t take my computer out to the garden.

These are some radishes I forgot about and found in a neat row in bed 10–bigger than golf balls, some of them.  They’re French Breakfast radishes and they were probably just perfect 7 days ago.  I cut them open after taking the picture and, surprisingly, about half of them are still good–not woody or spongy through the center as you might expect of an old radish.