After more or less weeks of recipe-testing where I didn’t use the same cookbook twice in a row, I found myself a few nights ago with an excess of the ingredients above: miso paste, limes, and ginger beer.  The miso paste, well, I’m like most people–it takes me months to work through a container of miso paste.  The limes were a 5-pound bag from Costco, aging fast.  And the ginger beer was for my nightly Mailbox Cocktail, but I always have a few leftover, going-flat ounces.

So I threw them all in a Ziploc, tossed in some chicken thighs, and let them all hang out together in the fridge for the day.  Popped the broiler on at 5pm, preheated a ridged grill, and called it dinner–a mighty fine dinner, too.  Goes to show, you don’t always need a cookbook.