Today, I’ve got a review of Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day in the Boston Globe.  After getting my socks knocked off by this book, I returned to Swanson’s earlier one, Super Natural Cooking, to see if I had missed something.  I remembered it being full of promise, but not quite approachable enough to recommend to the very broadest public.

My original impression was borne out on revisiting it.  The previous book was a godsend for those who were accustomed to a usual-suspects natural foods diet, but the wider world was arguably not ready for so vigorous a dose of amaranth and teff.  And while Swanson’s signature gift for strong, international flavor combinations could be detected,  it did not pervade the book; there was also a touch of rookie vagueness in the recipes.

The new book is altogether more polished, more persuasive, more user-friendly, and, I’d argue (at least subjectively), more delicious.  Every author should hope for such a winning second act.