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I’ve just posted a preview of the season’s new Southern books at

I don’t know about you, but I just cannot resist a Southern cookbook.  It doesn’t matter that I already have 33 recipes for buttermilk biscuits (that’s an actual fact–I checked on my eatyourbooks database).  I always need one more.

I guess “Southeast Asian” and “Spanish” are going to have squeeze a bit and make some more room–again–on my regional/ethnic cookbook shelf.   They’re not going to be happy about it…


Fresh review of Janice Cole’s delightful new memoir/cookbook in this week’s Boston Globe.  Easy recipes, dreamy photographs, and 3 adorable hens.

Welcome!  to the soon-to-be site of my cookbook review blog.  I’m just getting started, so stay tuned for new developments in the coming weeks.I review cookbooks regularly for the Boston Globe,, and NPR.  But the wildly prolific, unpredictable, and constantly expanding world of new cookbooks can’t be contained in a few reviews, so I’ve decided to launch this site.  Here you’ll find previews of new cookbooks, thoughts about trends in cookbook publishing, recipes I’m making for dinner from new cookbooks, and hits and misses from the newest cookbooks.

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